About 4you

4 You Chocolate Company, which specializes in the field of importing and exporting candy and snacks established in Dubai the United Arab Emirates in 2015.

The company is working on importing unique products that are not available in the UAE market, including chocolates, chips, biscuits, drinks and other products, to be provided in the local markets. It also deals with a lot of international companies such as Harrods, sees Candy, no chewing allowed, kinder, Nutella, Ferrero and other leading companies in the candy market. The procurement team have experience to research for the latest seasonal products that are not available in the UAE to buy and sell at competitive prices and before they are available to others to achieve its goal that the company is one of the first companies to bring new and unique products, as it is always looking for seasonal products Such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Diwali, Ramadan, Eid and other occasions and holidays that some companies manufacture exclusive products in these occasions. We also deal with our partners from companies outside the country to export unique and well-known products, believing that the success of our partners is an essential part of our success. We also distribute our products to shops, supermarkets, coffee shops, pastry shops, roasters and other points of sale and in various forms of supply in order to facilitate the achievement of the best sale rate and greater profits for all. We provide specific products that are not found in the UAE, where we do research, purchasing and shipment procedure to provide it with competitive prices. We are always keen on storing our products and transferring them to all our partners via cars equipped and refrigerated at low temperatures to ensure the safety of our products when they reach our partners.

our customers who order from our website we always strive to provide them with the best price and offers throughout the year.

We also follow the customer’s journey with us since the establishment of the purchase process and from there we deliver it to the specified address and to ensure its safety and quality. We follow the interest of the customer’s opinion of our service in order to make the customer happy and to obtain his satisfaction.The delivery service provided by our company delivers the products to our customers within 1 to 2 working days in all regions within the UAE. We also serve our customers from the commodity area which is close to the borders of Saudi Arabia and other areas neighboring Oman.


We have payment options in every manner according to the requirements of our customers and our merchant partners. Payment can be made by receipt or bank transfer, payment through the system of checks, credit card option and postponed payment option to facilitate commercial operations. We deal with all the stores that provide us with our products, and we care about how to achieve our profits by consulting them about the best things required for their customers, at competitive prices and marketing mechanisms to ensure that we achieve the best profits for us and for them. The word 4 YOU means to always strive to achieve the best for: ·    for our customer services·    for our employee’s happiness·    For our partners satisfaction ·    For our investor’s profitability